Our Focus

Causal Effects Inc. specializes in Helping Enterprises create new business value from digital application performance and data assets by generating actionable insights.


How We Help Our Clients


Insights & Business Impact


Provide visibility into, and business impact of, end-to-end performance of application services provided to the business and external customers


  • Develop understanding that application issues are not just about downtime, but that long systemic issues with application performance negatively impact customer service, perception, and buying behavior

  • Set and monitor realistic (measurable and achievable) thresholds for service level agreements rather than relying on customer claims of breaches


Quantify customer experience for mobile and desktop customers
  • How quickly are the mobile device applications performing, where are the issues, and how are customers reacting?
  • Front-end identification of 3rd party application performance
  • Using synthetic monitoring, identify exactly where is the problem (e.g. at external CDM rather than on our website)


Obtain new insights into complex mobile and traditional infrastructure performance
  • Identify code performance issues in seconds and minutes rather than in days or weeks


Understand issues and impact of mixed cloud and on-premises applications on business performance
  • Build robust and secure mixed cloud and in-house application architectures
  • Monitor and reduce service breaches and costs



Target: Delivering Line-of-Business Results

Our team provides a laser focus on creating, capturing or enhancing the critical deliverables desired by senior executives whether they are line-of-business owners, or technical leaders focused on solutions development, production/deployment or IT/CIO operations.

Causal Effects is uniquely qualified through its experienced team of consultants and Associates to reach across organizational boundaries, bridge gaps and ensure integrated initiatives achieve the results required.


Operational Domains Supported